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  • It was 20 years ago today . . .


    “Reflection Audio... debuted the two-box, balanced OM1 preamp...the execution of the OM1 appears first-rate and well thought out...the sound...was grain-free, dynamic, and fast.”

     Shannon Dickson, Stereophile Aug. 1995

    “I also felt at home in the Reflection Audio / Artemis Systems room. The new phono add-on for the Reflection OM1 line preamp produced spectacular orchestral sounds.”

    Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile May 1997.

    “A few other standouts: the Reflection Audio OM1 battery-powered preamp with built-in MC phono section ...offered the kind of high resolution, pinpoint imaging, and ultraclarity I prefer.”

    Michael Fremer, Stereophile Sept. 1997

    “...the most transparent and dynamic line stage I have heard, the formidable Reflection Audio OM-1.”

     Lars Fredell, Ultimate Audio Vol.3 No.4 Winter 2000

  • The OM1-Z

    • 20 years of continuous refinement has resulted in what is simply the best Preamplifier we have ever offered.
    • Available with moving coil input $9500
    • line stage only $7500
    • choice of stealth or satin knobs.
    • Automatic battery supply and external AC supply included

  • Custom Solutions

    a few projects requested by music lovers like you

    How Loud ?

    the ultimate volume control
    • 1 db steps
    • fully balanced
    • coin silver Shalco switch
    • 0.1 % naked Vishay metal film resistors

    Shunt Power

    perfect power
    • all discret
    • class A
    • 4 wire sensing
    • rock stable power


    simply a revelation
    • massively parallel
    • dual mono
    • fully balanced
    • all discrete
    • class-A
    • 32 bit 384 K usb DAC


    room measurement
    digital crossover for a time aligned five way horn speaker system

    You Get iT

    anything is possible
    unique quality audio solutions thanks to the human touch
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    OM1 preamplifier
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